Friday, March 9, 2007

Wine Selection Key West Thursday

Into my inexpensive wine (cheap under $10) shelf last evening and came up with a dandy ! It is a East Coast, New Zealand wine called "Fernleaf". I had their 2005 sauvignon blanc that was outstanding. It reminded me of "Cloudy Bay" due to the grassyness. I had it quite chilled and the fruitiness and that grassy flavor also went well with the steamed fish with herbs that I had fixed for dinner with a side of asparagus. I love the "green" taste of asparagus. It really is so connecting to the earth and the wine complimented that aspect. Finished off that whole bottle last evening ! It was such a beautiful night out with clear skies and just a few vapor clouds to give the sky some character.

I am looking forward to this evenings meal and wines to accompany. My guys gave me 3 nice sauvignon blancs for my birthday, so we are going to have a flight tasting early this evening. Then Chris is going to prepare shrimp on the grill. He marinates the shrimp as though it was going to be scampi but then puts them over a charcoal grill. More on that whole event tomorrow! Happy Friday !

Cheers !

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