Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wine And Tapas In Key West Weekend Wine

Went back to Publix yesterday to get another bottle of the Arrogant Frog, as you will note in yesterdays post. But all the caps were damaged. So I will get back to you all on the results of that wine at a later date.

Now for Wine Weekend - Friday. WOW - A Wine and Tapas night that was too good! Chris the chef made 8 different dishes for our little event and we had 2 wines to accompany. So in the next few days I will tell you a little about each dish and the wines that went with them.

First off, I will start off with a good ol' staple starter, in my books, Cantalope wrapped with prosciutto. So simple even I can make it. The cantalope was sweet and juicy with that salty, but not over salty prosciutto. When that hits your mouth - what can I say! Oh yum! We opened our first bottle of wine which was a Louis Jadot Chapelle Aux Loups Saint-Veran from France. This crisp, sorta high acidity wine went very well with the cantalope and prosciutto. Such a happy time in your mouth!

More sips and bits tomorrow - Cheers!

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