Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Which Wine Tonight In Key West

I guess it will depend on which pasta dinner I decide to make as to which wine I will choose.

OK, the choices are, one of my favorite brands of late, Red Bicyclette 2004 Syrah. Yep, I am on a red kick tonight, as it is still cool in Key West. The other choice is Stellar Organics 2006 Merlot. I have been tasting a few organic wines lately and am sorta doing research on them. I like the idea of the ones that are sulfite free.

If anyone has any good websites or suggestions for organic wines, please leave me a comment. Looking for organic wine in Key West can be a little bit of a challenge.

OK, I am off to the kitchen to check what goodies I have in the frig so I can decide which pasta dish to make.


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kindedkaren said...

Deb -

I'm really enjoying your "wine blog" -- I just saw the Bicyclette wine here in Santa Fe and decided to buy a bottle on your recommendation. I'll let you know what I think once I've had a glass!

BTW, did you get my email about the green rooibos & genmaicha teas being available?