Friday, March 30, 2007

Mr. Mondavi's Wine In Key West

Yes, Mr. Mondavi graced our taste buds last night. We had a Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Pinot Grigio. I must honestly say though, it was a nice somewhat fruity and floral wine but a little thin. It was great though for a nice sipping before dinner wine, especially chilled nicely. If I had to serve it with dinner, the dish would have to be something light - maybe a nice white fish.

OK - it's Friday and time for weekend wine in Key West. Not sure what will be on the menu for tonight, but I will have the scoop for you tomorrow.

Peanut Butter Cookies !!!! Just like grandma used to make in that wonderful farmhouse kitchen in the hills of Kentucky. While these cookies were baking I could shut my eyes and see myself with her back in that kitchen many years ago. Ahh, memories of smells are the greatest. Sometimes they are better than photos.


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