Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend Wine Key West

What a way to start off a beautiful Friday evening. We did a flight tasting of 3 different California sauvignon blancs from 3 different areas. Each of these had a really different personality.

We started off with a Frog Leap 2005 Sauvignon Blanc. Frog Leap is in Napa Valley in the town of Rutherford. To me it was a very perky, clean, wake your mouth up taste. It reminds me of when you put a piece of fresh grapefruit into your mouth and you get that feel good pucker going on. I really liked the way it tasted on the back of my tongue. (Also it had a cute plastic cork, it said "Ribbit") ALC.12.9% by Vol.

Secondly we tasted a Kunde Estate 2005 Magnolia Lane Sauvignon Blanc. Kunde Estate is located in Sonoma Valley in the town of Kenwood. Smooth, almost creamy, but with a hint of that same grapefruit, citrus bite as you drink it. It seemed the warmer the wine became, the more fruity it became. It was a completely different taste than the Frog's Leap. It had a screw top which is great if you happen to misplace your opener! ALC 13.5% by Vol.

Our last wine to taste was a Merryvale Starmont 2005 Sauvignon Blanc. This wine was 90% sauvignon and 10% semillion. So this wine again was different from the two previous ones. Maybe because this was our third tasting, but this wine to me was a little weaker than the other two. It was very light, refreshing and good on a Key West evening, but just did not have the "umpf" like the other two. It's ALC. 13.5% by Vol.

After our tasting, we dined on Chris' wonderful Shrimp Scampi over a charcoal fire. That was accompanied with a sun dried tomato risotto, a mixed green salad with a light mustard vinaigrette, and a bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes (no not out of my garden just yet), fresh basil (yes out of my garden) fresh garlic and a balsamic vinegar dressing. All three wines paired greatly with this meal.

Good wines, good food, good weather and most of all good company !


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog! I found your URL on FarmGirlFare's blog comments.

After reading about the wines, I think I'll open a bottle later!