Friday, March 23, 2007

Corked Or Screwed Wine In Key West

I know when a wine has a bad cork it is called "corked" or some say "corky" but last night I had a bad screw top. So is that called "screwed" or "screwy"??? Anyhow, after bringing all my wine home from Publix yesterday, I noticed that the screw cap on the Arrogant Frog Ribet White was busted. Just the other day I was touting on how I was enjoying the screw cap on wines, but now found out how that could be bad. Actually, I still like the screw top idea and this is the first encounter I have had with this type of seal. So I thought, well I could take the bottle back and get it exchanged or I could try the wine and see how it tastes. OK Deb, let's go for it and unscrew this baby. Well, it did not taste corky for sure or screwy. The wine to me was fine! So, I am going to go back to Publix today and purchase another bottle and see if they do taste the same. And since, it is Friday and time for "Weekend Wine", I will get back to you tomorrow and let you know my results.


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