Friday, March 16, 2007

Wheat Berry's In Key West

Every once in awhile I get on a healthy let's eat all grains, fresh veggies, etc. kick. Well this week I picked up the April issue of "Eating Well" magazine. One reason is that I have just filled my pantry with boxes of whole grains from our natural food store here in Key West called "Sugar Apple" and one of the grains is Wheat Berry's. (Check out my photo of newly cooked wheat berry's with my tomato gems and sage). I have a nice salad recipe using them but wanted to cook them in something warm. In Eating Well they have a whole article on Wheat Berry's this month with some yummy recipes. I made the "Zesty Wheat Berry-Black Bean Chili". It was awesome and sooo easy. But most of all, I felt really healthy with all the ingredients that the chili included. If anyone is interested in the recipe, just leave me a comment or check out the magazine.

Found a great site this morning for organic gardening. I have spent over an hour on the site so far and must close it for now as I do need to tend to my garden. The site is Check it out !

I planted a mixture of hot pepper seeds in a few containers and boom, they are all about 6 inches tall now and screaming for their own pots. Gotta go - Time to transplant!

Tomorrow I will review another one of my inexpensive wines as it is Friday and time for weekend wine !


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