Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekend Wine Friday In Key West

Luck had it that I went down the wine isle at Publix yesterday after I picked up about 3 lbs. of King Crab Legs. While going down the wine isle, which I always do just in case something new has arrived, I spotted a bottle of 2005 Chateau Ste. Michelle Pinot Gris with a little coupon necklace that gave you $2.00 off any seafood purchase. Pinot Gris, that sounds good with crab legs, so into the basket it went. We were totally surprised when we opened this bottle of wine at how good it was. Crisp, like the type when you bite into green apples and the wine filled up your mouth with good earthy fruit, like melon. It was a wonderful wine for under $15.00 ! It went so well with the crab legs with melted butter. Another successful spring wine evening!! No better way to start the end of your day!


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Sonadora said...

Yum! Crab legs are one of my favorite dinners! I can't wait for the stores around here to have them back in stock.