Monday, March 12, 2007

Key West Wine Sunday

You can see the bottle of RedBicyclette 2004 Chardonnay in the photo is empty. Why? because we drank the whole thing last evening. I have given you a post on the Rose' of this brand but decided last night to try the Chard. Even though they call is RedBicyclette, the wine was white! I am not an American Chardonnay drinker, as most seem too thick and buttery. (If anyone knows of one that is not, please leave me a comment!) But French and Australian Chards seem crisper, fruitier, and much lighter. Personally that is what I prefer. This wine was crisp, sorta like an apple, and had a little spice and fruit to it also. Very pleasant for under the $10 limit. I will purchase this one again.

Now you ask, why the bread cookbook? Well, I have been inspired (again) to bake bread. I was checking out Farmgirl Fare's site this morning and she and two other bread master's are setting out to do a major bread project. Please click on her link to the side here and find out all the details. She has an awesome site and I would like to know how she has the time for all the things she does ! I guess I will need to get up even earlier than I do now to tend to my garden and get the bread going. But I figure a nice loaf of bread and some good cheese may give my wine comments even more depth. Hopefully I can pass on some good advise for tastings!

Well, I am off on my Red Bike on search of some good bread books!

Cheers !

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