Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dreamfields Pasta In Key West

If you are like me, I have tried almost every "good for you" pasta on the market. The best that I now stock in my pantry is Dreamfields Pasta. It only has 5 grams of digestible carbs, has a lower glycemic index than regular pasta, more fiber (which at my age is a good thing) and no trans fats. It comes in all the shapes and forms a person could need. I made some awesome lasagna roll ups from it and have made great mac and cheese, salads, and it tastes so good sometimes I just have olive oil and parmesan cheese on it for a side dish. What I really like about it is I can have the serving size of 2 oz., which seems like it would not be enough but it really is, and I am full for the rest of the evening ! I purchase my Dreamfields Pasta at Publix, but I know it is sold nationwide so you can probably find it at your grocery store. I highly recommend it.

I have put their website on my favorite list to the side here so you can stop by and pick up a free $1.00 off coupon they are giving away. I also like the site because they have some yummy recipes that are fairly easy to make. I signed up for their newsletter which is cool as they send out new recipes frequently. Now do I sound like a commercial or what ! Seriously, it's good stuff, try it ! Let me know what you think.

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