Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekend Wine Key West

Strike up the band, it's weekend wine in Key West. Yep, I love Friday nights as it is time to try a new wine that I have not had. The Aussie's have struck again. Wine of the night was a "Jacob's Creek" , from Rowland Flat, SA Australia, 2005 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc with more of the semillon grape (57%) as to the sauvignon (43%) grape. It was a nice dry, crisp blend with just a hint of that, how do I want to say it, good Mother Earth grassiness that our friends down under can produce. Not quite the grassiness as the New Zealand wines, but still a bit of that flavor. I would serve it with mild foods like seafood, poultry, or a mild white meat as the wine is not extremely bold.

It is another wine with a screw top which I am really starting to like. It is described as a closure using a bonded circle of foam and foil which produces a perfect seal and eliminates a chance that the wine could spoil by oxidation. Sounds pretty scientific to me. I buy it !

Low 70 degree temps with winds from 20-30 mph today with a few clouds. So tonight's wine might have to be a little heavier. We will see because if it is going to be home made pizza night, we may needs a wine with a bit more body. More on that tomorrow!

Cheers To All !

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