Monday, March 26, 2007

Lamb With Greg Norman's Wine In Key West

Let's celebrate Spring! As I stated yesterday, here is the grilled lamb with a tzatziki sauce and grilled onions. The tzatziki sauce is a mixture of plain yogurt, cucumber, mint, parsley, red wine, garlic, salt and pepper and it compliments the lamb so well. We had the Greg Norman "Shark" red wine with this tapas. With the smooth tannins, plum and dark cherry flavors, it was a big hit with the grilled lamb.

A few tapas and a couple of good bottles of wine is a great way to celebrate Spring!


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Sonadora said...

Yum, the lamb looks delicious! I can't wait to move so I can have a grill again, they aren't allowed on apartment balconies in the county we live in currently.