Monday, April 30, 2007

Shrimp & Wine In Key West

Such a laid back late Spring weekend in Key West. Weather was very warm but humidity was down so it was very pleasant out. Finished up the "wine remnants" from the Roses' we have been trying and working on my latest experiment with Rose and White wine temperatures. Even got Nate and his wife over at Vinvenio interest sparked with trying the lighter wines at different temps. More on that later, as I am just starting to keep a journal entry on those.

Friday night we did have a wonderful Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta dish. Chris the chef son can do such magic with simple food. This dinner, not including the wine, cost about $18-20 dollars. That was the night we had the "uneventful" Rose' from Anjou, but luckily had a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc chilled and ready to go. I have purchased this wine on sale for $10.99. I think the regular price on this is $12.99. I did a post on this wine a week or so ago. Such a lovely full bodied wine with lots of grapefruit flavor and that grassy, mineral taste that is always the highlight at the end of your sip. It had lots of crisp and zippy acid which complimented the shrimp and pasta flavors.

Holler, who is a new blogger like me, ask for a photo of Fang the other day while I was visiting her site, Tinned Tomatoes. Here she is Holler, being the queen of the deck.



Holler said...

The Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc sounds delicious! Web 2.0, pah, what we need is new web where we can taste and smell! Well perhaps only on some sites. I am going to start a list and try to find some of the wines you are reviewing. However I may be a pace behind you as I am the only wine drinker in the house!
Fang is lovely, is that her chair! Cats do like their own spot.
My cat Beaker likes the arm of a chair and Elmo loves a plastic bag to lie on for some bizarre reason! I think he likes the fact that it rustles!

winedeb said...

It must be something cats love, that rustle sound. When I get home from the grocery store and empty the paper bags, Fang is there waiting for me to plop them on the floor so she can take over one. She sleeps inside for awhile and then does the rustle thing and winds up on the top of the bag for a nice nap! Cats Rule!

Holler said...

We haven't got as far as paper bags at the supermarket yet, but we reuse the plastic ones and that seems to suit Elmo just fine! He loves to guard the bags and have a peek inside while you unpack and then of course he wants one to play and then sleep in. It must be some sort of odd comfort thing.