Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Goats Are Roaming In My Key West Wine

I am really enjoying all the crazy names and labels of wine lately. It does make for an entertaining trip down the wine aisles. I have see this one advertised in a few magazines lately so we needed to have a sip. 2005 Goats Do Roam Red, Western Cape South Africa has a screw top and has a high alcohol volume for me of 14%. At first sniff and taste this is very evident. I do not like to have that high alcohol heat that you feel in your chest after a drink. (To me, that is what whiskey if for). But once the wine sat open for awhile, things calmed down. I do not like to use these ratings, but Wine Spectator rated it an 86, very nice. It is a light bodied red wine with plum and black cherry flavors. Somewhat long finish with a little tobacco taste in the end. I am not going to rave over this red, but it was not bad. We served it with a tomato based chicken dish and it paired nicely.

For those of you who tune into my blog every day, I may be late the next few days as I have jury duty with the Fed's. Of course I will be having a glass or 2 of wine when I get home from this event, but not sure when I will catch up with you all. Hopefully, not long!

We have another red ripe pepper in the garden!!!!



Sonadora said...

Hopefully the jury duty won't last too long! Last summer I almost got stuck on a grand jury for the whole summer when I was trying to study for the bar! I would have had to miss all the review classes. I'm happy to serve, but not if it meant me failing the bar!

Wendy said...

Beautiful pepper! Wish we had the heat here to grow them. Hope jury duty doesn't last too long.