Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BIG HOUSE Wine In Key West

Blend together Chenin Blanc which gives a "sweet taste", throw in Sauvignon Blanc which contributes the fruit, toss in some Reisling for that tongue tickle, next in the batch Alberino that adds a hint of fruity spritz, Viognier kicks in a bit of dryness, Muscat adds some flowers and top it off with some Pinot Gris which oaks it up a smidge - and what do you come up with? (a wine salad?) You come up with a great little wine called "Big House". Big House White California Wine is vinted and bottled in Santa Cruz, California and it's ALC is 13%. Best of all, it fits in my weekly budget of $10 a bottle for week nights.

As Tony The Tiger would say, "It's Grrrrreat"!!!!!

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