Monday, April 23, 2007

Kicked Back In Key West With Wine

Sunday evening, everyone working. I had the back deck to myself. No one to cook for, so I just kicked back with some tunes from the Rippingtons, retrieved a nicely chilled bottle of Fernleaf Sauvignon Blanc from the frig, sat in my rocking chair and rocked the night away. It is good for the soul sometimes, just to sit back, sip your wine and enjoy the world passing by around you.

OK, now I am out of my dreamworld, so let me tell you a little about Fernleaf Sauvignon Blanc. Fernleaf is an inexpensive (under $10) sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. It was bursting with lots of tropical fruit and finished with that "bring your palate back down to earth" grassiness that you find in those wines from New Zealand. I so enjoy those. I know that is not much of an explanation, but hey, that is the relaxed version!

Ah, what a way to start the end of your day!


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