Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chicken With Wine In Key West

Just have to share one more Easter Dinner dish with you because it was so darn good! Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic (not sure it was exactly 40, but somewhat close). This was the spotlight of the meal. The garlic is roasted in the pan after the chicken is taken out which turns it a nice brown, takes out the strong flavor, and turns it into a mellow, soft clove which then is incorporated into the sauce made from the pan drippings, white wine and a little cream. To serve it, I poured the garlic sauce (gravy by now) onto the platter and then placed the chicken on top. That way everyone could use as much sauce that they liked on their plates. I did not serve wine with this dish, as we had dinner early in the day and we had lots of plans for the rest of the day (no time for the "oh I am so full" afternoon nap!). But if I were to choose a wine, I think it would be a light chardonnay or, my favorite wines, a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. If you want me to post the recipe, just drop me a comment and I will get right on it!


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