Monday, April 2, 2007

Covey Run Wine & Peppers In Key West

The guys at Wine Cask Blog had a wine review on the other day that looked fresh and spring-like. Covey Run 2005 Riesling from Columbia Valley - Woodinville, Washington. There was lots of nice fruit in the off dry riesling and it shown itself nicely chilled. It is a great wine to start your evening, or even after dinner since it is nice and fruity. I cannot remember when I have ever had a bad wine out of Washington State.

It looked like Christmas in Key West this morning as I was tending my garden. I just have to show you my cayenne pepper plant. Isn't he a beauty! And the peppers are awesome, just enough heat to add to whatever dish you need a little heat in! I made a veggie lasagna the other night layering some marinara sauce, noodles, spinach, pre-sauted veggie mixture of yellow squash, cayenne pepper, onions, garlic and asparagus, then a layer of canned white beans that I drained and rinsed and cheese. I repeat all of these and end up putting lots of cheese on top. It was a little heavy for a spring night, but all the veggies were terrific. This will be a great dish when all of the tomatoes are ripe and we can add those also.


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