Thursday, April 19, 2007

J. Lohr Wine In Key West

With a bit of cooler temps hitting the Keys the past few day, I took advantage and popped open another wonderful red wine. A long time favorite of mine, J. Lohr Seven Oaks Paso Robles Cabernet, 2005. This is an inexpensive, $13.00, full bodied cabernet. Oh yum, when you open that cab your nose picks up that lovely dark cherry aroma that makes my mouth water. On the pour you will see that dark red with some purple colored liquid just flowing into your glass. Now swirl (one of my favorite words) it and stick your nose into the glass. Nice isn't it! Once you have went thru all of that, you deserve to start drinking. The tannins are nicely balanced so it is a smooth trip down your throat. On the palate I can taste the dark cherry flavor with a hint of spice, maybe cloves. It has a nice lingering finish that makes you want to have another sip. We like a lot of tomato based foods in our house, plus grilled out items with, sometimes, heavy sauces. J. Lohr goes great with all!



Nate said...

Hi Winedeb,

I must admit, the thing that most jumped out at me from your posting was the picture showing your pulltap wine opener on the table! Crazy thing, I know, but my wife and I just totally love these wine openers. In fact, we've given most of our family and friends these openers as gifts at some point, mainly so we don't get stuck using wings or some other cork-destroying opener when visiting! Anyway, good to see that other wine lovers have discovered it too...

winedeb said...

Thanks Nate! I discovered this opener a while back and it is one that can travel easily with me anywhere - except on the plane. One never wants to be without a wine opener!