Friday, April 20, 2007

Rose Wine In Key West

Hopping over to Dr. Deb's site the other day, Good Wine Under $20, she had a post on Catavino Virtual Rose Tasting that really caught my eye. Being in Key West, the days can get really hot and humid and it is hard to find a nice wine to meet the heat. Therefore, I have been drinking Rose' for a number of years during the summer here. So I headed down to the supermarket to search out a Spanish Rose' thinking, um, will they have a rose' from Spain? Bingo, they did have a couple that I have not tried, as I usually like the French Rose'.

My choice was the Chivite's Gran Feudo Rose' Wine 2005. I immediately brought it home and popped it in the frig to chill looking forward to early evening when I could pop it open. The Gran Feudo is made from 100% Garnacha Tinta Grape. It has 12.5% alcohol with a cork closure. The color was so pleasing as it was a bright strawberry red with a hint of violet. This wine was such a pleasant surprise, so clean and fresh with a nice balance of low acidity and fruit, which I detected as strawberry. It was a nice soft wine that was long on the finish. Perfect for a nice spring evening out on the deck. As I did not pair this wine with any food, I will pick up another bottle this weekend and match it up with a light spring dinner or just appetisers.



Dr. Debs said...

Great review, Deb. My US rose was heavily strawberry, as well. One of the things I like best about rose is that they are perfect for before-dinner sipping. No food required! But they go well with BBQ, too! (BBQ shrimp or fish, especially in my experience!)

winedeb said...

Thanks Dr. Deb. I also have posted on the catavino site. Hope I did it correctly.

Sonadora said...

Pretty wine! Sounds delicious too.

Anonymous said...

I love wine but I am in no way a connoisseur. At the moment I can just about identify whether they are white, red or pink. ;)
Thoroughly enjoying being educated.