Thursday, April 12, 2007

Anyone For A Little Shiraz Wine In Key West

Last night I had a nice little surprise package in a bottle of Mandra Rossa 2005 Shiraz. I took Sonadora of Wannabewino's advice and moved a little away from the sauvignon blanc kick I have been on and decided to raid the rack. I had left over lasagna so I thought I would open a red. I like the Shiraz grape as it is usually light and fruity, which goes well with the weather here. So I picked the Mandra Rossa Shiraz, Sicilia, Indicazione Geografica Tipica, which has 13.5% ALC. What a nice Italian wine which is in the premium range of Sicillian Wines produced by the Settesoli Winery in Meniti. It had a nice deep magenta color, nicely full of fruit with a hint of spice, and there was a slight velvety feel in the mouth before escaping down the throat. Not bad for under $12.00!


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Sonadora said...

Glad you liked it. Though I will likely be turning more and more to whites and roses as hopefully warmer days arrive! (Just catching up on my blog reading here!)