Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back Into The Creative Mode

Hello to all! Well the "creative juices" have leaped into action, but not in the food department. I am into being creative with my paint brush instead of a spatula. After almost 2 years, I picked up my brushes, paint, and canvases and I am back painting. The lady with the green hat has been the focus of my attention this past week and is taking shape. Hopefully I will be finished with her within the next week or so and will gladly introduce you to her at that time.

The garden is surviving our summer sun so far with 88 degree days and nights getting down to 82. That sun is HOT! Some of the herbs and peppers are loving the bright, hot and long days of summer, but not much else in the veggie department. I am sure though that the rest of you up north are starting to reap the rewards of your gardens about now. Would like to hear what is ready in your garden!

Speaking of gardens, I must go for now as I think I hear quite a few of my residents shouting for a bit of water!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jake In The Key West Garden

Just in case you all do not remember, this is my best pal in the garden, Jake. Jake disappeared during hurricane Wilma a fews years ago. I was extremely upset when I went out after the storm to clean up to find that Jake was gone! Mysteriously, while cleaning out a closet in the hall a while back, I found Jake in a computer box in the closet! Not sure how he got there, but I guess he headed for safety some way or another during the storm. Jake is my magical man!

Jake cannot decide whether he wants to get all the way into the rosemary pot or not.

He does finally makes up his mind and starts to make the climb.

Jake is now thrilled that he decided to get all the way into the pot of rosemary, as he can view the whole garden from this vantage point!

Learning some lessons from Jake.
Still regrouping...back to you all soon!