Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Frog Wine In Key West

Ribet White ! Remember a few weeks ago I had trouble with a screw wine cap that was busted when I got the wine home? If not, well, I got the wine home and found that even though the screw cap was slightly busted, the wine was fine. Maybe the inside piece saved it. Anyhow, the wine was "Arrogant Frog 2005 Ribet White" which is 60% chardonnay and 40% viognier. It is from the Languedoc Region of Southern France - Pezenas, France. It is a wonderful wine for under $10. Bright gold in color, has fruit elements such as peach and pineapple which "hop" around inside your mouth when you take your first sip. Now the wine is traveling down your throat and you get a hint of vanilla as things smooth out on your tongue. It is not a U.S. chardonnay so it is not heavy, oaky or buttery, as sometimes U.S. chards can be. It is a good wine to serve with any seafood dish.

Again, a good wine to start the end of your day.


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