Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Rose' Wine In Key West

OK, this is the last bottle of Rose' that I have on the shelf. And, unfortunately, well, not the best of the bunch. And I even did the temperature testing, which Nate over at Vinvenio and I had discussed yesterday.

The Rose' of the evening was a 2004 Sauvion Rose' d Anjou a Loire Rose' Wine from LeCleray, Vallet, France. It was comprised of two grapes, gamay and groslot. Only 11% alcohol with a plastic cork closure. It was a beautiful salmon color. Again I did my photo shoot and when finished, the wine was at 62 degrees. At that time there was that slight alcohol bite, not sure if I would call it a bite, but that prominent presence. There was a slight hint of berry on the nose and I could detect it slightly on the palate also. So, back in the freezer to chill it down. Next taste was at 50 degrees and now the alcohol "bite" was gone and there was the distinct flavor of strawberry. The wine now was sweeter, almost reminding me of Kool-Aid and thin. Did not have any of those "jump out and kiss ya" fruit flavors like the rest of the Roses' I have tried. Not much of a finish at all.

I was glad that my son the chef was there to the rescue with a nice plate of shrimp scampi and a chilled bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. There was no better way to start the end of the day! Thanks Chris!!


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Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Hi Deb,
Love your site!
I don't know much about wine, except, I love red, I can drink white like lemonade and a glass of chilled rose is glorious on a summer's day when I am in the garden reading my book.
But I do love reading your posts and I am sure I'll learn lots.