Friday, July 13, 2007

Wine & Pasta Weekend

Happy Friday the 13th and welcome to the weekend! I do believe it's another summer weekend to enjoy refreshing wines. I have another Spanish, inexpensive wine to treat your palate and I do believe this is the last one I have in the wine rack for now. Just like I get on the Sauvignon Blanc kicks, I have been on a Spanish wine kick and need to branch out again.

My last bottle is a 2005 Espelt - Vailet. It is from the Catalunya Region and the Appellation of Emporda-Costa Brava, Spain. It has an alcohol volume of 13% and is comprised of 60% Garnacha Blanc and 40% Macabeo grapes. I was drawn to this bottle by the label and the price of $8.99. A surprise of a colorful orange plastic cork appeared when I took off the foil of the bottle. The wine had a light citrus nose to it, nothing powerful. On my palate was a bright, clean, taste of citrus fruit, maybe a hint of apple, and a slight touch of stone. A very light bodied wine that did not have too much of a finish to it. It was a good wine for a summer week night and would do well for a starter wine at a picnic.

It is Friday and tomorrow morning is the Farmers Market. As we are getting more into the summer season the farmers are bringing in lots of veggies that are ready for the dinner plate.

Pasta seems like a good thing for the weekend with a chunky sauce made up of whatever the selection may be tomorrow. That is part of the fun of cooking on the weekend, as the market will dictate what winds up in the ol' pot on the stove or sizzling on the grill!



Holler said...

You are very patient, in lining up that pasta, but it did make a for a great picture!

winedeb said...

Too funny that you mention this. I bet I spent over an hour photographing this pasta and I have not even cooked any yet! You should see all the cool ways I shot these guys! I am a sucker for pasta shapes. Anytime I can get to a gourmet store of sorts, the first place I go, besides the wine dept. is the pasta aisle. I guess I should get a life!

Holler said...

You have a great life! Friends, wine, sun and farmers markets!

Holler said...

p.s. I am still waiting for a viewing of your artwork!

p.p.s. I have nominated you for a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award.

You can copy the button from my blog!

Display it with pride!

Shayne said...

I saw what you wrote on Wendy's site and I too love to tell everyone about my food blogging. I have always loved to cook so those people who have known me for years, well it just make sence but for those new people I meet they are you like to what, cook huh, pick... you mean go in the woods and get...with the bears. well to them I will always be kooky cooking lady but to people who love the call of the kitchen understand. And if I can get someone to hear that call for the first time is even better.

winedeb said...

Holler - Wow! I have never been nominated for anything! Thank You!

Shayne - Thanks for stopping by! I love to tell the world all about all of us dedicated bloggers! Especially the blog world of wine and food!