Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spanish Wine For WBW#35

OK, you are right, the wine label caught my eye at the store. I was excited it was a Spanish wine because today is WBW #35 and the Spaniards are in the spotlight! Our host is Michelle over at My Wine Education and we thank her for bringing us all together once again to enjoy everyone’s findings on this “hot” wine. I have never seen the hype that Spanish wines are bringing us this year. Lots of blogging on these wines lately. But for good reason, it is Summer and we need those refreshing light to medium bodied wines to get us through the “scorcher” days.
As I mentioned above, the label on this lovely wine caught my eye and I do believe it fits the subject. Not only is the label jazzy but the wine is also. I am speaking of the 2006 Bodegas Naia Wine from the region Castilla Y Leon, sub region Rueda in Spain. This wine is made from 100% Verdejo grapes, has an alcohol volume of 13% and a cork closure.
The landscape of the D.O. Rueda is dotted with old castles and herds of grazing sheep. All the vineyards are located in the town of La Seca, which is considered by the locals to be the “grand cru” village of Rueda. Verdejo has been the traditional varietal here of the left bank of the Duero River since the Middle Ages!
On the nose Naia has lots of lemon, citrusy aromas and these flavors followed through onto the palate. After this wine was swirled around in my mouth I also tasted a bit of minerals present. I like that connection to the Earth! The Naia is a super wine for the back deck and these superb summer nights!

Sorry Michelle, I cheated and went over the $10.00 limit. My wine was $11.99, but well worth the extra dollars!
Please stop over to Wine Sediments today, as I have a post over there also. Lots of good wines to check out today. Have fun!

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