Friday, July 20, 2007

Wine By Tamas Estates & Pasta

Back quite a few years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Ivan Tamas, now of Tamas Estates. I attended a wine tasting at a festival and Ivan was present. In conversing with him, I found a great man passionate about his wines. At that time I was enjoying his 1991 Trebbiano wine that he does not produce anymore. But I picked up one of his estate wines that I totally enjoyed last evening.

A 2004 Tamas Estates Pinot Grigio entertained my palate last evening for my summer sipper. Tamas Estates is located in the Livermore Valley area of California. Pinot Grigio is a classic Italian grape variety that thrives in Monterey County. Tamas Estates produces this estate grown California wine made from the traditional Pinot grapes that California's Mediterranean climate and Tamas Estates gravelly soils provide ideal conditions. Founded by Ivan Tamas Fuezy and Steve Mirassou in 1984, Tamas Estates is now part of the Wente Family Estate portfolio. The nose of this Pinot Grigio had a very full grapefruit, citrus aroma which transferred over to the palate. On the palate I found a full bodied, crisp, dry, citrus flavor with a hint of apple. Finishing up was the same flavors but also with a hint of mineral flavors which brought this wine down to Earth. A very "full in the mouth" wine, but very refreshing. This wine had a 13.5% alcohol volume which attributed to the fullness of this lovely wine. Even in the glass this wine looked full with it's deep golden color. A good deal for under $12.00.

Friday has rolled around again and I am planning for another bountiful Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. Usually on Friday, Lucy of Boulder Belt Eco Farm emails to her customers her veggies, etc. that she and Eugene are bringing to the market on Saturday. This is really cool as you can start planning your weekend menus in advance. The other night I needed to clear the frig of the "left over" veggies that did not make it into any dish the previous few night. So pasta was the dish of the evening with, kale, green beans, peas, tossed with a bit of basil pesto and topped with crumbled feta cheese. Also had some cherry tomatoes left over and we just ate them along with the pasta. Yummy!!! So gang, get out there and support the local farmers this weekend and enjoy their bounty that they bring to town just for you!



David said...

the pasta dish sounds wonderful. pinot grigio isn't one of my favorites but this one sounds pretty good and a nice match for this tasty looking dish...I'm ready for dinner (I'm afraid tonight it's just frozen pizza with a bargain chianti). Tomorrow I make pesto though!

winedeb said...

Hey, pizza with cheap red wine ain't all that bad !!!!
Looking forward to your pesto dishes!

Anonymous said...

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