Monday, July 30, 2007

No Wine At The Ballpark

What a treat Mike and I received from a friend. Tickets to the Reds vs Cubs ballgame at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. And the best part, these seats were in the 2nd row above the Reds dugout!!! Talk about photo ops, whew! I know, I know, the Reds are like in last place but sitting just about on the field with the players is too cool! Hot dogs, peanuts, ice cold beer here, after the game a trip to the gift shop - "priceless"! The only teeny tiny thing was, no wine. Even though I was sitting in the 90 degree, quite warm sunshine, a freezing cold glass of Rose would have "fit the bill". But...the good thing was I knew I had a nice chilled bottle of wine waiting for me in my frig for my return home.

On returning home from the ballgame, after sitting in the hot sun all afternoon, a nice cool shower was in order, followed by popping the cork on a 2006 Cave De Montagnac Picpoul De Pinet from the Languedoc Region in the South of France where the vineyards meet the Mediterranean. This wine, light gold in color with a hint of green, had freshness in the mouth that was so enjoyable on a hot summer night. The wine is made from the Picpoul grape that is very hard to grow and needs a long growing season to ripen properly. The production of this wine is very small, only 30 producers make this delicious wine. On the nose was the refreshing scent of limes and apples, of which my mouth said "bring it on!" My palate was then treated to the wonderful crisp flavors of those green apples and lime. The Picpoul De Pinet is a lovely medium bodied acidic wine that would pair well with seafood or chicken, unfortunately not a hot dog at the ballpark!



Figs Olives Wine said...

When we get posh seats at the Yankee games - which we do once a year or so when no one else at my husband's company wants them! - we can order wine. It's not so good, but it feels so civilized! I love it.

winedeb said...

I would wholly agree with you!

Dr. Debs said...

I have a bottle of picpoul that I bought from domaine547 and I'm dying to try it. It's in the wine "batter's box" but it will still take me a week or so to get to it, so thanks for this review to wet my whistle.

winedeb said...

Dr. Debs - This is the 2nd picpoul that I have had this summer. I am enjoying them!