Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wine From WBW#35 Thursday

In case you missed my post for WBW#35 on Wine Sediments, I thought I would post it here for you today. Nice bottle of inexpensive Spanish Wine.

I have never seen the hype that Spanish wines are bringing us this year. Lots of blogging on these wines lately. But for good reason, it is Summer and we need those refreshing light to medium bodied wines to get us through the “scorcher” days.
Digging around in the Spanish section of the wine shop, I came upon this bottle of wine that was the grape I wanted to taste and was the right price, $9.99. I usually look for the type of grape I want to try and then I look at the labels. OK, not really, I check out the labels first, as I am a wine label “enthusiast” and totally enjoy the artistic pleasures of a wine label.
A definite wine for summer is the 2006 Salneval Albarino from the region Galicia, appellation Rias Baixas, Spain. Founded in 1988 (the same year the D.O. Rias Baixas was officially granted its charter), the winery is a cooperative of 362 grower/owners. This winery is considered among the highest quality producers in the entire region. The winery is located in the valley known as O Salnes, in the heart of the D.O. Rias Baixas. It is two kilometers away from Cambados, in the province of “Galicia”. Galicia is one of the oldest areas in Spain, settled originally by the Celts!
Enough history, on with the wine! Salneval Albarino is made from 100% Albarino grapes, has an alcohol volume of 12.5% and a cork closure. When popping the cork, whiffs of lemon, lime with a touch of honeysuckle fill the air. On the palate you will notice a light, dry, crisp taste of citrus fruits along with hint of minerals. Not a long finish but a soft, refreshing one.
A nice, inexpensive, let’s hit the back deck type of wine. A great wine to start the end of your day!

Here is a little guy that is now a permanent morning resident on my deck! Too cute!!!



Wendy said...

I fancy a wee Spanish holiday at the moment and, according to my wine selecting method, that means I am buying a lot of Spanish wines. Rioja is my favourite.
The squirrel is a cutie. I watch two baby red squirrels play in the trees at Boat of Garten last week. They ran down the trunk and across the path and were almost at my feet before they noticed me and shot off. It made my month!

winedeb said...

Actually this is the first summer I have really been into the Spanish wines. Other summers I have went for Pinot Grigio's. But I am finding good quality Spanish wines for great prices this year. Let me know if you come upon a good one. I love all the little critters that find their way to my deck. Such entertainment and soul satisfying.

Holler said...

It was amazing that you got that shot! In my experience, squirrels disappear in a puff of smoke, when a camera appears!
We have alot of squirrels in our local glen, the nearby shops, catch unsuspecting customers, by selling 'squirrel nuts'! I am sure some people are convinced, but they look like 'monkey nuts' to me!