Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wine From Chile & A Guest

I have been trying to venture away from the Sauvignon Blancs that are my very favorite wines to give my pallet some new education, but instead of veering away from them totally, I decided to try other country's that produce them. I figured I loved them so much that I should just travel the globe and collect. So in my search I came across this clean looking bottle and label at the wine shop the other day and it wound up in my cart. I am glad it did!

I am speaking of the 2006 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Wine from the Casablanca Valley of Chile. Veramonte translated means "Edge Of The Mountain" and is located near Chile's rugged Pacific Coast tucked in a remote corner of the Casablanca Valley. The wild Patagonia lies to the south and the Andes Mountains rise behind them in the east. Wow, what a setting! One of the things that impressed me about this winery, besides the wine, is that 1,000 acres of their grape vines are nestled among 10,000 acres of wild land that Veramonte has preserved as a natural greenbelt! Thank you for being kind to Mother Earth! On unscrewing the cap and pouring this good clear, straw colored wine, citrus and floral notes filled the air. But wow, on the palate was a nice zesty, medium body wine with loads of melon and herb flavors that lingered on a nice finish. This lively wine had 13.5% alcohol volume and a nice balance of acidity. We had fresh goodies still left from the farmers market, like corn on the cob and crisp lettuces, that paired very well with the Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc. This is definitely a keeper on my list. And best of all, under $12.00!

While preparing the lettuce for our dinner, I noticed that I had brought home a guest from the Farmers Market. As soon as the water started hitting the lettuce to be cleaned, he appeared and was "outta there"! I moved him to the outdoors immediately!



Sonadora said...

Oh, I had this one out at a restaurant last week! Excellent value. Good choice!

winedeb said...

Sonadora - Yep, I get excited when I hit a good one!