Thursday, May 10, 2007

White Bordeaux Wine Not In Key West

I am having such a good time on my trip to Ohio. Not having hugh wine stores in Key West, I am like a kid in a candy store up here. I am seeing a lot of the bottles that Dr. Deb and Sonadora have tasted and posted information. What I am really thrilled about are some of the wines I tasted when I first began keeping notes back in 1994. I have talked about one of my old tasting books I found a few weeks ago. Totally cool that I am discovering some of the wines that I tasted back then are still available now. ( I did a post about Dry Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc a few weeks ago if you tuned in on my blog and Wine Sediments).

Strolling down the French aisle of the store looking for a wine to taste and post about on WBW, I came across an old familiar White Bordeaux Wine that I just had to purchase and taste again. Ever since Marcus at Doktor Weingolb decided to choose a French wine for WBW, I have gotten back on my "band wagon" of French wine. Recently I have been stuck on Rose', Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and have ignored other grapes. So in my attempt to expand the ol' palate, I am hooked back on the French wines. I have a few on the rack now so today I am back on memory lane with Andre' Lurton's Chateau Bonnet Entre-Duex-Mers White Bordeaux 2005. My tasting notes back in 1994 showed that the color was a greeny-gold and the flavors were of young, crisp citrus. It was $8.99 and I rated it a 9 out of a possible 10. Well, the 2005 is not too far off from the 1994. I unscrewed the bottle, instead of popping the cork, and lots of citrus aroma jumped out of the bottle into my nose, which I always have close on hand as I love to catch that first aroma (I hate using the word smell) as it leaves the bottle. The color on the 2005 is quite white, as you can see. On the first sip the powerful flavor of grapefruit hit my mouth and also a bit of "green" was present. It had a good kick of acidity which plays nicely on the back of your tongue and in turn gives it a nice long lively finish. A combination of grapes, Sauvignon 50%, Semillon 40%, and Muscadelle 10% are what make up this wine. It has an alcohol volume of 12%. Price now is $9.99! I only paid a dollar more now than back in 1994! What a deal!

I find it is fun going back and pulling these "oldies" back out of the closet and comparing notes.



Marcus said...

I like this idea. Revisiting old tasting notes...

This bottle is a real good one to focus in on too because Andre Lurton has always been such a reliable producer. Only a dollar more after all these years! Cool!

Glad next week's WBW is getting you onto more French wines -- that's part of the reason to do a WBW. Thanks and see you again soon with a Languedoc-Roussillon value wine (via Ohio?)...


winedeb said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, via Ohio right now. Visiting family and friends before hurricane season is upon us in Key West. I need to be there to "board up" in case of a storm. So I am enjoying the north and all the wonderful wine stores. Looking forward to next week WBW as I cannot wait to see all the posts and who tasted what in that wonderful section of France. See you then!