Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged But Not In Key West

My newest blogging friend, Holler at Tinned Tomatoes, has tagged me for foodie facts! What a fun game ! Well Holler, here ya go!

1) My favorite item to cook on is the outdoor grill. Living where it is warm, or not, I usually cook outdoors at least 5 times a week. I grill Everything !

2) Food & Wine magazines are a passion of mine. I think I subscribe to all of them. I also love cookbooks and my collection is up to about 90 now.

3) Cooking is a passion of mine since the days I would spend with my grandma out on her farm. I will not tell you how many years ago that was! So much of a passion that my son is now a chef, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

4) My favorite gadget that I cannot live without is my salad spinner. I hate wet, limpy lettuce.

5) My favorite items from my childhood are cooked, but cold, new red potatoes. My grandma would keep them on the stove to cool down after dinner and I would fill up my pockets with them for a lovely snack.

6) I would much rather have an appetizer, or 2, than dessert. Not much of a sweet tooth unless it involves chocolate.

7) Last but definitely not least - WINE !!!! Every meal with wine is so sublime !



Holler said...

Thanks for the meme! I am subscribing to BBC Good Food Magazine, but that is it and it is just as well, because ideas and recipes are coming thick and fast from fellow bloggers!
I need more days in a week!

robb said...

My Mom got me a subscription to Bon Appetit for my birthday, so I'll looking forward to making some of those dishes soon.

winedeb said...

Holler - I can relate !

Hey Robb - thanks for stopping by! Bon Appetit is a great magazine. I gave it to a friend of mine for Christmas so now it is fun to chat about the recipes we make, the same ones! I think you will enjoy it.