Friday, May 11, 2007

Vin De Savoie Not In Key West

The weather is so awesome right now with temps around 80 and just a slight breeze, low humidity (no I am not in Key West but OHIO!) Birds singing and the annoying bumble bees trying to get at my wine, Ah, I love Spring! But it only leads to one thing, yep, nicely chilled white wine. I cannot stay away from the White French Wines at the moment since they are so available to me. So last night was no exception. I was into the Savoie Region again. I just had to chill and pop open a Domaine Labbe' 2005 Vin De Savoie Abymes. This wine is made from 100% Jacquere grapes, which is the main grape in the Savoie area. The Savoie region is located on the lower slopes of the Alps. And yes, this grape is different from the Sauvignon grape, not by much, but seems maybe a little brassier.

Uncorking the wine, fresh, crisp apple aromas emerge from the bottle. That nice aroma of apples follows right through to the taste, plus that "pucker-up" citrusy-lime smack in your mouth flavor plays on your tongue. It is a simple lightly straw colored wine with nice acidity and low alcohol at 11%. At $10.99 a bottle it is perfect for sipping outside on these lovely Spring evenings. I cannot stay inside on days like this!

I am so glad mother nature and wonderful wine makers provide us with such good wine to start the end of our days!



Holler said...

What a pretty photo!
Well, I am jealous of your good weather, it is pretty cold here in blighty and wet too! Roll on summer!

winedeb said...

Thank you Holler! That is with my new camera that I am trying to learn how to use. So many buttons on these new jobs!