Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In Case You Missed The Toad, Not In Key West

Just in case any of you missed Great Grape Tuesday over at Wine Sediments, you can find out what I had to say about my favorite Rose' below. Try a bottle this summer !

Welcome to Great Grape Tuesday! Summer is officially here so ice up the coolers, fire up the grill and get outside and have some fun! And there is no other refreshing wine during the heat of the day than a nicely chilled Rose’! Believe me, this wine is always at the top of my list for parties around the pool or just popping open for a sip while you are preparing the grill for a load of “Shrimp On The Barbie”.
Roses’ are a “hot” item right now. Advertisements are showing up from Good Housekeeping Magazine to Wine Spectator. I think folks are discovering how versatile a wine it can be. For example, it is a great wine to get your best friend who only drinks White Zinfandel to make the transition to a new varietal. It is a wine that can go from the back yard picnic table to an elegant dining room table. It is a wine that can be paired with food from BBQ ribs to sushi. Best of all, it is a FUN wine!

Toad Hollow, Eye Of The Toad, 2006 Sonoma County Dry Pinot Noir Rose’ is a party in a bottle. Check out the whimsical label with Mr. Toad and the ol’ Badger sharing a bottle. Too fun! And hey, just look at the color. It is brilliant red with a hint of blue splashed within. But with all the fun your eyes are taking in, wait till you take your first sip. Now things are getting a little more serious since the sense of taste is involved. But first, let’s get the sense of smell involved. As I popped the cork, floral notes arose, such as roses and a hint of wild flowers. “POW”, I have just taken the first sip and a field of strawberries just arrived on my palate. It is bursting with that fruit flavor. Now, since the winemakers at Toad Hollow continue to produce this wine in the true French style, it is not “sweet” but dry. Even though it is a dry wine, it has a very full body and nice weight in my mouth. The finish is crisp and clean, but does not linger very long. It is definitely a “lip smacker”!

Toad Hollow, Eye Of The Toad, 2006 Sonoma County Dry Pinot Noir Rose’ is vinted and bottled by Toad Hollow Cellars of Sonoma, California. It is made from Pinot Noir Grapes that come from the Carneros region in Sonoma. The alcohol volume is 12%. I must tell you that this is the 9th vintage of this wine and I have been a fan since day one. So when Andrew picked Rose’ as our topic this month, I knew exactly which wine I wanted to review. I have been drinking it for years. This is a quality wine that is very interesting at a reasonable price - $10.99.

Now strike up that party in your mouth! Celebrate Summer!


Holler said...

I love sitting in the garden on a summer's day, after work, with a glass of Rose and a book!
That sounds like a good one and I loved the label! Did it catch your eye first time?
I usually drink Blossom Hill White Zinfandel, I love it! I vary my whites and reds, but stick with this rose, maybe it is time to try something new! I just have to wait for some sun as it is pouring with rain here, this week!

winedeb said...

Actually I did love the label. But I had read an article about the wine and I searched it out because it sounded nice. It is my favorite. Although I do love to look at the art on the labels. Too funny that you mentioned the label, as I have a post up today 5/50 on wine labels ! Too fun.
What books do you like to read in your garden ? Sounds like a good place to read. Hope the sun shines soon for ya !