Thursday, May 17, 2007

Versatile Viognier From WBW Not In Key West

Just wanted to again thank Marcus at Doktor Weingolb for a fun WBW#33. Throughout the day I have been checking out all the entries and WOW, I cannot wait to do a little more tasting of this region. This is such a good exercise for educating yourself on wines that you are not normally tasting.

Just wanted to add a little tid-bit for one of the wines I choose for WBW#33. The Laurent Miquel Nord Sud Viognier 2005 was a great wine to serve with fruit and cheese. The bouquet of the wine and the aroma of the fruit together, well...heavenly. My fruit salad consisted of watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and fresh strawberries. I picked up the strawberries at our Oxford Farmers Market on Saturday from Lucy at Boulder Belt Eco Farm. Delicious!



Holler said...

That fruit salad sounds delicious! Did you have cheese with it too? Which kind? I never thought of wine, cheese and fruit together before!

winedeb said...

It makes a GREAT combination! I had a semi-firm goat cheese that I got at from a gal who makes her own near here. If you are having a white wine, go with a milder cheese. You can serve the red with a stonger cheese. I would stay away from citrus fruits though in your salad as they would compete too much with all the acid in the wine and fruit. Berries, melons, and apples are usually what you want to serve. Also if you are doing all these parings, I would have some french bread, something with a crunchy crust to serve along instead of any type of cracker. I would love to invite you for a wine and cheese party but I think the commute would be a bit lengthy!