Sunday, May 20, 2007

Salad In Making - Not In Key West

The Oxford Farmers Market was rockin' yesterday! So many Spring Greens to choose from. I chose a spring mix and a few lettuce's I have never heard of like Cracoviensis and Simpson Elite. I never really paid too much attention to lettuce names until I started growing a spring mix myself. Then I became familiar with Baby Heirloom lettuces, Mizuna, Arugola, Tat Soi, Red Giant Mustard - which is the actual mix that I picked up yesterday. I am just now educating myself on the leafy green lettuces. And the Farmers Market is just the place to go for a good education. The folks that grow all the wonderful produce they sell really know their "stuff"! And best of all, they are so willing to share information with you. So much better than the internet or a book! I had wonderful chats with the lettuce folks, the lady who makes her own goat cheese (which is awesome), the organic egg gal who was more than happy to talk about all of her different chickens and their eggs, and a new person to the market who is baking her own bread. I brought home her Rosemary & Olive Oil bread that is just scrumptious. Last week I took many (about 80) photos at the market. The manager of the market ask if he could use some of them on their web site. That was kind of cool!

So last night our dinner consisted mainly of a hugh salad from the greens and fresh green onions that I purchased yesterday. I made a fresh vinaigrette from sherry vinegar, Dijon mustard, just a touch of chopped fresh garlic, salt and pepper, about a teaspoon of lemon juice, olive oil and about a 1/2 of teaspoon of agave nectar to take the edge off the vinegar. We also had that wonderful Rosemary Bread with some goat cheese and I sauteed a couple pieces of Steelhead Ruby Trout in olive oil and a touch of butter. I served a 2005 La Vieille Ferme white wine with the meal, but I will talk about that tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Wendy said...

You've got me drooling here!

Holler said...

Hi Deb,
Hope you are having a great evening! I am just off to bed and a bit late at that, It's all quiet downstairs, I think Graham may have fallen asleep on the couch! I won't leave him there, i am not that mean!
Anyway, just to let you know that I have been praising your abilities on my latest post! Hope you don't mind me name dropping!

Jamie said...

I love when the growers think outside the box! Around here we've been able to get sunflower sprouts and--my new favorite thing--miner's lettuce!

winedeb said...

Wendy- that's a good thing!

Holler - Sounds good to me!

Jamie - Yes, the farmers market is one big salad bowl right now. I am thrilled to see all of the different greens! Now I need to check out "miner's" lettuce.

Nate said...

Nice depth of field in your pic for today's post! You're really digging that new camera, aren't you??

winedeb said...

Nate, the camera is working out great. Except, I still have not gone full manual yet. So many buttons! Thanks for the note on my photo!