Friday, May 4, 2007

Turner Road Wine In Key West

Hi Gang. I have made it safely to Oxford, Ohio which is just north of Cincinnati. For me it feels like winter as the temps are only in the 50's right now. But Spring is lovely up here, everything is so green! After Mike picked me up at the airport, our first stop in Northern Kentucky was The Party Source. Best place to pick up a case of wine on the way home. I was like a kid in a candy store with all the selections. I could spend hours in there, which I probably will this coming week. But we were kind of in a hurry so I made some selections and we were on our way. More to come on my selections and I could not resist more Rose'!

My best garden friend, Jake the Gnome, wished me good luck on my trip to Ohio with a bottle of Turner Road Pinot Grigio from Lodi, California. What a nice tasting, under $10, wine this turned out to be. It is 100% Pinot Grigio, no blending of other grapes with 12.5% alcohol. I was able to pull out nice, very lively, flavors and aromas of apple, nectarine and citrus. Another great wine chilled for those warm spring evenings and the flavors even bloomed a bit more as the wine got a little warmer. Nice finish that did not linger too long but enough to make you ready for your next sip. In researching this wine, I found that the grapes are harvested at night to preserve those fresh crisp flavors. The grapes, after picking, are brought to the winery and pressed directly into steel tanks for fermentation at cool temperatures.

Another plus for this winery is their enviornmental practices. They recycle 90% of the winery waste and operate a natural water treatment facility for revitalizing waste water for landscaping and maintaining wetland habitats for wildlife. Nice to give back to mother nature, as she gives so much to us!



Wendy said...

Enjoy your holiday, Deb!

Holler said...

It's always good to hear about more and more companies putting something back into the environment!
Going back a blog or two to the 30th of April. I have tried the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc you recommended, it is a truly delicious white and I really got that grapefruit kick when I tasted it!
It is being sold half price just now at £5.49, so I will have to stock up on a bottle or two while the offer lasts.