Monday, June 4, 2007

Wine & Cooking Demo Weekend, Not In Key West

Nice fun filled weekend here. Started off on Saturday morning with the Farmers Market Uptown. I spend hours up there every Saturday. I have made friends with most of the farmers who bring their goodies to town every Saturday, so it has become a social event also for me. It is still mostly Spring Veggies that the farmers are bringing in, as they are just putting out their tomatoes, potatoes and squashes. Not only do they bring veggies, we have a new girl who is baking the most wonderful breads and the guy with apple cider and honey. And definitely cannot forget the farm who brings in the wonderful eggs, chicken, beef and pork. All organically and locally raised. So on Saturday evening our dinners always consist of everything from the market. This Saturday it was cool as there was a cooking demo from a local lady who used all of the vendors foods in her cooking. For example, the first dish she made was french toast. She used the bread, eggs and honey from the vendors to her right. I won't go into lots of detail, but she cooked greens and also did a marvelous salad. Now, if I could have paired the wine to go with all....Too Fun!

Speaking of wine, I had a nice inexpensive wine, I am talking $7.99, to go with dinner that night. It was a 2006 Domaine des Cassagnoles, Vin de Pays, des Cotes de Gascogne from J&G Proprietors located in Gondrin, France. A nice assemblage of grapes make up this wine, such as Columbard, Ugni, Gros Manseng and Sauvignon Blanc. It was a nice clean, dry, somewhat fruity wine, quite refreshing, and went well with our grilled out organic chicken and salad from the Farmers Market. Another interesting fact about this wine was the cork. First cork I have seen with their web site on it! Good idea - I am surprised that more folks do not advertise on wine bottle corks. They advertise everywhere else!



Holler said...

That cork looks like it has been taken out very neatly, none of the rough stuff that goes on in my house!
The advertising is a good idea!

How do you feel about wines with screw top lids? Do people not like them through wine snobbery or do you think it makes a differnce?

winedeb said...

Well Holler to be honest with you, that cork is a plastic one. Usually my corks look like the ones you described. As long as I have been drinking wine, me and the cork sometimes to not agree. I like the screw tops. They really are convenient and there will be no corkage with them. They seal very well. I do not think we will see them on the very high end wines as I am not sure how they would be when you lay down a wine for a few years. But since I drink everything I buy, I do not see that as a problem with me!

Holler said...

No wonder that cork came out so perfect!
I don't mind screw tops either, I also just by wine to drink!