Friday, June 1, 2007

Spanish Wine, Not In Key West

Happy Friday To All ! Lately when I drift through the wine aisles at some of the wonderful wine shops here in Ohio, I seem to gravitate to the poor wine bottles that are sitting there with a little dust on them. Of course, being the wine lover that I am and hoping maybe to win the lottery someday, I do check out the wines that I know I cannot afford. I tell myself, for educational purposes and maybe a gift suggestion for me, I must take a little time to read the labels and touch the bottles. Then I sigh and go back to the aisle where the inexpensive wines live. Cruising down one of the aisles with the Spanish wines, I spotted a bottle with a little dust. It was hard to read the top part of the label as the writing was in white with a yellow background. Focusing my glasses a little more, I made out the name "Vega Sindoa". It is from the Navarra region, which I am somewhat familiar with, but I did not recognize the name. Not only that, it had a grape that I had not heard of, "Viura". With a price tag of $8.99, I was sold. Something new to try.

Vega Sindoa, 2005, is comprised of 75% Viura and 25% Chardonnay grapes. The Viura grape is widely grown in Spain and used in most of the Rioja Wines. It is estate bottled by Bodegas Nekeas which is situated in the valley of Valdizarbe, the northernmost wine growing district of Navarra. The Viura grape added a nice crispy acidity on the palate, somewhat like a green apple. Adding the Chardonnay grape to this mix seemed to round things out a little, give it a little more mouth feel. Not a long finish, but refreshing.

I served the Vega Sindoa with a pasta dish. This pasta is so easy to make and you can add all kinds of veggies to it to give it a different twist each time you make it. This was last nights version.

"Screw" pasta, steamed asparagus cut into 1/1/2" lengths, frozen or fresh peas, your favorite pesto, crumbled feta cheese, roasted pine nuts and a dab of olive oil. Cook the pasta and during the last few minutes throw in the peas. Drain and stir in a dab of olive oil. Next add the pesto and use enough to coat everything (I get very generous here as I love pesto), toss in the asparagus, crumbled feta cheese and pine nuts. Toss lightly. As for the amounts of ingredients, it depends on how many folks you are serving. You will have to adjust for that part. But let me tell you, this is sooooo fast and so good for a quick evening dinner. And the best part, the Vega Sindoa went very well with the pasta! It was a happy evening!

Tomorrow is Farmer's Market Day here in Oxford. Therefore, I will be up and at it very early to get the best and freshest the local farmers have to offer!



Holler said...

That looks absolutely devine! I love pesto too, so I always add loads!

Spanish wine is something I avoid, I have tried a few and not been a fan, even when I was in Spain!

But, I have every faith in your wine reviews, so if I can find it I will give it a go!

I am glad to hear you sometimes by wine according to budget, this makes me feel better!

I think you have a real soft spot for the underdog!

winedeb said...

I am a firm believer that there are so many good wines out there in this world for under $15.00 and I am seeking them out. (My budget will not allow those $20-$30 bottles. I drink too much!) I probably did not say that correctly! I have not tried many Spanish wines, so I am giving them a go. I will let you know if I find a big winner!

Sonadora said...

Try a Nora Albarino Winedeb or a Spanish white wine called Las Brisas, I think you would really like the latter and at about $8.99 the price is right...lots of citrus and very crisp with good acidity.

winedeb said...

Thanks Sonadora! They are on my list for the next shopping trip!

Rose said...

The dish looks delicious! I, too, look for the $15.00 and under bargains. One of our local wine stores recently featured a tasting of 10 wines all $10 or under, and there were several worth picking up for those "sitting on the deck/porch/veranda" evenings.

winedeb said...

Hi Rose! Glad you stopped by! Like I was telling Holler, there are so many good wines out there for under $15. And if you like to sip every night like I do, they fit my budget and my taste buds!

robb said...

Deb, that dish looks awesome. I think I'll substitute some parmesan cheese as Cassie is not a big Feta fan. I'll also have to check out that wine. Sounds yummy.

winedeb said...

Hey Robb - that is what is so great about this dish, you can play with it all you want and I do not think you can mess it up! It is soooo easy too! Let me know how the parma tastes on it!