Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2005 & 2006 Le Rime Wine By Banfi

Doing my usual stroll down the wine aisle looking for a nice white wine, under $12.00, a wine label caught my eye. It was a refreshing label with grapes on it (imagine that!) The picture of the grapes was refreshing and cool, as in climate. Looking closer, I noticed it was a wine by Banfi. A 2005 Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio combination. That sounded interesting and the price was really right - $8.99 (on sale). Cannot beat that so I picked up the bottle, put it in my cart, looked back up at the shelf and there sitting behind the 2005 was the 2006 bottle. It had a different label, more artistic, but very interesting. Then I noticed that the 2005 had a cork closure and the 2006 had a screw top. Cool! I had to have both!

2005 Le Rime Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio produced by Castello Banfi was my first choice to taste. This wine is a combination of 30% Pinot Grigio and 70% Chardonnay grapes with an alcohol volume of 12%. The color of the wine was a really pale straw-yellow color. Very clean looking. On popping the cork the aroma of fresh citrusy lemon filled the air with a hint of apple. On the palate was a well proportioned bright, tangy, lemon and green apple flavor. Enough acidity to give it a nice back bone. It was a medium body wine that was very clean and crisp on the finish. Even though this wine was 70% Chardonnay it had no oaky flavor to it, as it was aged in stainless steel tanks.

Next I opened the 2006 Le Rime Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio. On unscrewing the top on this one, I still caught the same fresh aromas as the 2005. As a matter of fact, both of the wines pretty much looked and tasted the same. Was I disappointed ? Was I expecting them to taste different because the wine I was tasting was produced in two different years? Nope. I was glad to see that the quality of the wine was consistent.

The Le Rime Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio is a great wine chilled and ready for summer sipping. I took a bottle over to our neighbors last evening for a pasta dinner of clam linguine, which was excellent. The Le Rime went very well with the pasta and salad that Joe and Mary Lou served. I definitely will put the Le Rime on my summer sipping list.

Sipping a nice cool glass of wine is a great way to start the end of your day!



Holler said...

Well I haven't seen these yet! But they look very pretty with the colours and the reflection in the glass!
I am off to check a conversion chart to try and make more sense of your wine prices! They sound like a great price, but I have nothing to back that up with!

Holler said...

Ok, so I am back! Under $12 is equivalent to under £6 here. I must admit I rarely go above £5.

I am totally in love with Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and round about the time I read you review it was half price. I wish I had bought a few bottles then. It is back up to £7.99 ($15.92). An uncomfortable amount, as I am the only one who drinks wine, although Graham probably wouldn't mind!

winedeb said...

Ouch on Oyster Bay! I think the last time I looked at it, about $13.00 a bottle here. It is such a good wine, but for everyday drinking it is out of my price range also. We drink a ton of wine, between Mike and I, so I try to keep the everyday choices under $11.00. That is why on my blog I try to spotlight the wines that are under $12.00. So when I it the stores, I look specifically at the prices and then the wines. Except when I have extra time, I will read the labels on the bottles of the expensive wines and hope I win the lottery some day!
But if we have a special day, say a birthday or anniversary, then we will treat ourselves to a better wine. Let me say this though, there are many good wines on the market for under $12.00 and it is fun finding out which ones are really decent! Someone has to do it!

Holler said...

I will certainly buy a load of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, if it goes on special again and now and again for a treat!

David said...

I've had pinot/chard blend a couple times and enjoyed, will keep my eyes open for this one. Count me as another Oyster Bay fan (and NZ wine in general, also have some very good pinot noirs).

winedeb said...

Holler & David
Seems like we have a fan club of Oyster Bay!
And David, NZ wines are on the very top of my list! Cloudy Bay is my favorite but it is getting pretty pricy, except for a special day.

Dr. Debs said...

I like that Le Rime Pinot/Chard blend. It's a nice change from Sauvignon Blanc, without the typical oakiness of chard. And a great buy, too.

winedeb said...

Glad you stopped by Dr. Debs! Yes, I was excited that it did not have the oak as in most chards and was surprised since the blend was mostly Chardonnay. But since it was aged in stainless steel, no oak!

Anonymous said...

I initially tried this wine when recommended by a waiter at Alfredo's in Epcot. After dinner I walked across the street and promptly bought a bottle. I've kept it in stock ever since. I also love the consistency and was surprised when I went to open a bottle, corkscrew in hand, and found a screw cap. Not sure I like that but it didn't change the taste one bit. A well-kept secret at a bargain price.

Anonymous said...

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