Thursday, June 21, 2007

Key West's Best & On The Road Again

I am off to Chicago tomorrow with hubby to visit friends!!! I am very excited, as I do love that that town. So many good places to eat, visit, and best of all, "Sam's Wine". I plan on spending my late Saturday afternoon "shopping" for wine. It has been quite a few years since I have been in the shop, but last time it was a gold mine. So I hope to find a great Spanish wine for our next WBW while I am there. I am not taking the computer (need a break) so I will be back with you all on Monday.

My wine blog friend, Sonadora, tagged me the other day with a meme stating your 5 favorite restaurants in your city. Key West has lots, but these are a must for anyone who pays us a visit.

B.O.'s Fishwagon - this place is the absolute best place to get a fish sandwich on the island. Along with that, he has the coldest beer and best fries you will ever pop in your mouth. He puts his secret key lime mayo on the fish sandwich and die for! When you see the place, you will say - eat in there? Yep, it is quite a shack that is situated on the corner of Caroline and William Sts. I could not locate a web site for them, so just go. A funny thing, when the weather channel was there for one of our hurricane's they filmed part of the tin roof coming off of B.O.'s. I have seen it a few times when tuned in and they show hurricane stuff.

Geiger Key Marina - is not located right in Key West, but a short interesting drive up the Keys about 10-15 minutes. This is one of the good ol' bars on the water where you can get fuel for your boat if needed. All of their sandwiches are yummy. Their fish and chips basket is not bad either. But the atmosphere cannot be beat! While entering the place not too long ago, there was a hugh iguana sunning himself on the deck. Then he proceeded to the nearest table, climbed up on top, checked out the ketchup bottle, shoved a few things around, and proceeded to sun himself there. After awhile, he hopped down, climbed into the water and swam back over to the mangroves to hang out. Too cool!

Hogs Breath Saloon - is a must for the tourist. But they have the best burgers in town and some of the best tee shirts. Not too long ago, Kenny Chesney stopped by for an impromptu little concert!

Meteor Smokehouse - has the best BBQ pork, ribs, chicken, anything you can smoke on the island. Nice island drinks also. Sorry, no web site.

Sloppy Joes - Hemingway's old hangout is party city. Great bar food, beer, live music all the time and they are open from 9 in the morning until 4 in the morning. A must for a good time with a group of friends. That place rocks!

I know, these places do not have great wine lists, if they have one at all. The house wines are not too bad. Actually, these places are not establishments where you go to have wine. Ice cold beer here and a great time!



Wendy said...

They all sound great fun!

Sonadora said...

Thanks for playing Deb! Sounds like some great choices down there!

Holler said...

Pity you didn't have your camera at the ready, for the iguana, that would have been a great shot!

Have a good weekend, hope you come back with a great haul!