Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Shoofly Wine This Time

In my never-ending search for Australian White Wines, since I have been addicted to them for some time now, I came upon this little gem at the store the other day. So I chilled and decided to have a sip while I was preparing my lettuce from the Farmers Market for my evening salad.

Shoofly Buzz Cut 2006, from Hawthorn East, Victoria, South Australia, was happily unscrewed (Holler, take note of this) and lots of tropical fruit aromas buzzed around in the air. As I took my first sip, juicy flavors of fruit, such as apricot, met my palate followed by a dash of citrus. I would say grapefruit, as it had that refreshing bite to it. This is a refreshing, succulent wine made up of lots of grapes. All of these grapes add so many flavors to this wine. Shoofly Buzz Cut is made up of Verdelho, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and Semillon. Each add their own personality to this party. These grapes came from the areas of McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek. It has an alcohol volume of 13.5%. It was well worth the price of $9.99.

I served this wine with our dinner of BBQ chicken, various green leafy lettuces salad tossed with a "light" sherry wine vinaigrette because I love the taste of those just picked fresh greens. All items fresh from the farmers market. Also had a freshly baked loaf of bread from Terra Nova Bread, one of the new vendors at the market. It was made with yogurt, which made it so nice and moist. On the bread I spread a newly discovered butter, not from the farmers market, that tastes out of this world. It is called Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. I like the unsalted type. This butter is so flavorful and creamy! If you can find it at your market, go for it!



Holler said...

You sound lucky enought to have a regular farmer's market! How often is it held?

winedeb said...

I am lucky to have one here in Ohio,it is held every Saturday morning, but when I am in Key West no go. We have a good little market in Key West that sells wonderful fresh fish and they do bring down fresh veggies from the mainland. In Key West it is great because being surrounded by water, the fresh shrimp and fish are awesome. Not so here in Ohio. So I feel very lucky to get a piece of both worlds! Do you not have a fresh market anywhere near you?

Holler said...

There is a farmer's market here once a month, but nothing much in the way of fresh vegetables, it is mostly meat, condiments, lamb and things like fudge! Not a very good market for a vegetarian! We don't even have any fruit & veg shops anymore, they have been taken over by supermarkets. Supermarkets, we have lots, at least a dozen!

Anonymous said...

I just tasted it this weekend and it wasn't bad...Do you know that Aneelys Records Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Syleena Johnson ironically has a song called "Shoo Fly" on her new album Chapter 4: Labor Pains? (To be released 1-13-09) Check her out: