Thursday, December 27, 2007

Remembering...And Baking Again?

As I am sitting here with my morning tea, still adoring my now somewhat drooping Christmas tree, I am thinking of the past year. Wow how quickly it has flown by me. Just 2 weeks ago I was in snowy Ohio visiting the Winter Farmers Market and now I am sitting in the south with all the windows and doors open. Thinking back on the past year, as I guess we all do this time of year, I said to myself, what was the highlight of my past year? First of all, in February, I started my blog. At that time I would have never guessed it would have developed into what it is today, sharing my favorite pastimes with so many new friends. It has developed into a community I cannot live without!

The second highlight of my year was being able to live in Ohio for the summer months and discovering the Oxford Farmers Market. Not only did I get farm fresh veggies, eggs, etc. I got another new set of friends. These couple of photos of the Winters Farmers Market are surely a testament to their dedication. These folks go thru “hell and high water”, OK let’s say snow, to bring to us the freshest and safest foods for our families.
If you would like to visit one of these hardworking farmers check out Lucy from Boulder Belt Eco Farm. Stop on over to Lucy’s blog, for updates weekly on the trials and rewards of organic farming. Reading her blog, and actually speaking with them at the market, sheds a new light and appreciation of “buying local”! This is a photo of Lucy in front of her stand at the Winters Market!

Well folks, enough reminiscing for now, time to plan dinner and head to the grocery store. Also, I am in the process of making “No Knead” Bread. Not sure if any of you saw the article in the New York Times, I didn’t, I first came across it in “Mother Earth News”. The second time I saw an article about it was in the February 2008 issue of “Cooks Illustrated” Magazine. After seeing it this many times, and they telling me how easy it is, I thought I would give it a shot. So the non-baker is baking again. Could this be a new trend for 2008 ???? Scary!



katiez said...

Yikes! That is one committed market! Or should be! It looks so cold....
Can't wait to see the results of the 'no-knead' bread!
I'm starting to dream about sunshine...the fog moved in on Christmas...

Anonymous said...

I never saw a farmer's market open in the snow! I love the smell of fresh bread baking in the house. Good luck with it :)

Gloria said...

Debs you miss the snow??? I think the snow is lovely. Is difficult live Christmas with the Summer here.
So beauty your pictures. Gloria

Bellini Valli said...

I'll shovel the driveway and send you all the snow you can have loses some of its magic after the first snow fall. My former boss made the "no knead" bread. It is really light!

Jen said...

And I thought it got cold over here! What a dedicated and determined group of people.

Good luck with the bread baking - let us know how it works out :-)

Shayne said...

so tell me tell me how did the bread turn out?

Wow there is more snow in Ohio then there is in the Detroit area, we had rain yesterday. I miss snowy winters like I would get along Lake Michigan.

I know I am a year now fir food blogging (I really started loving it in March 07) and it is a part of my life that I love. And you are some of the reason for that.

winedeb said...

Hey Katie, it was cold, wet and so much fun!

Hi Maryann, I agree, smelling home made bread is aroma heaven!

Gloria, most of the time I do not miss the snow. But it is nice every once in awhile!

Yes Valli, I do remember the days when I was really "over" the snow.

Hey Jen, the baking was fun and successful!

Hey Shayne, I cannot believe the bread worked! I was thrilled!