Sunday, December 30, 2007

Non-Baker Baked!

The Non-Baker Baked !!!! It really worked! In my last post I was telling you about a recipe I found in two magazines called “Almost No-Knead Bread”. Cooks Illustrated Magazine is the one that caught my eye as it used beer and water, instead of just water. The recipe looked very simple but did take some rising time, anywhere from 8 to 18 hours, the longer the better. So this is a “two dayer” bread.

Bread has to rise in a 10 inch skillet.

Ready for the Oven!

Into the "dutch oven" for the real oven!


Oh my gosh, I think it worked!

Not bad for a first attempt!
Moral of story, success for the non-baker baking!


Shayne said...

The bread looks great and what a wonderful use for the cast iron dutch oven (I love mine).

So did the beer add a lot of flavor or was it mellow and just bled with the natural bread flavor?

Post the recipe too (or email it to me) because I want to try it with a nice Dark Porter.

Peter M said...

Deb, the bread looks great and remarkably easy!

katiez said...

Oh, well done!
You should be very proud - I hope you sliced into it still warm... with butter... lots of butter!

Betty C. said...

I've heard of this recipe -- it sure looks like it turned out well.

Happy New Year and thank you for your comments in 2007!

Nora B. said...

Hi Deb,

If I just looked at the bread without reading the text, I would have thought that you were a pro at baking bread. Your first bread looks fantastic - look at that crust! Were you also pleased with the taste?

There's no stopping you now!

Greetings from Singapore. I just arrived last nite. It's about 6 hours to new years here, so I hope that you'll a fabulous one. I am having a quiet one at home with the family.

x nora (sweating it out near the equator...)

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Job well done! Nice crumb :)

Bellini Valli said...

Many more successes in 2008 Deb. I have read about this bread but have yet to try it. I like the sound of the beer one...better than a bread maker!!! Have a wonderful New Year and keep all the delicious posts coming!!

winedeb said...

Hi Shayne, I will email it to you!

Thanks Peter, actually it was!

Hey Katie, you are a butter fan just like me!

Thanks Betty, looking forward to 2008!

Nora, you are a bit away from home!
Enjoy your visit with you family!

Thank you Maryann, crust was awesome!

Thanks Valli, you must give it a try on one of those cold, I do not want to go outside, Saturdays!

Holler said...

Well Done Deb, that loaf look gorgeous!
Happy New Year to you!
Hope 2008 is a good one for you!
Love Holler
ps a will raise a glass of wine to you tonight!

Shayne said...

Thank you Deb. My blog email is

Lannae said...

The bread looks awesome, good job! For our quick Xmas morning 2 hours ashore on Key West, I thought of you, and wondered where you were. I wished a Merry Xmas to lots of locals (and tourists too) I saw during our 2 hour walk to Hemingway's house, the southern most point and then back to the ship. Wouldn't it be fun if one of those people were you?

Jen said...

Hiya Deb! Happy 2008! Hope you had a good time :-)

That bread looks amazing. Would love a slice right now! And I love the idea of using beer - must give it a go.