Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Now and My Spice Package Was Waiting For Me

On my way home all I could think about was my "Seasoned Eatings" package waiting for me! Sure, I was excited to be back home after the snowy days in Ohio and looking forward to getting a Christmas tree, but the spice package waiting means it is time to get back in the kitchen and prepare whatever awaited me in my secret spice package! Plus, it meant re-connecting to my friends in the blogger world. I missed you all!

I must send out a big thanks to Katie at Thyme For Cooking and Lindsay at Country Girl City Living for hosting a wonderful event for us. Kaite and Lindsay came up with the idea of getting us cooking bloggers together for a spice exchange. We all sent in our addresses to them, they in turn emailed us a fellow blogger somewhere in the world to send a package of a local spice from our area or a spice that we enjoy cooking with, along with a recipe using that spice. We are to prepare our recipe and there will be a roundup of all the goodies on Katie's and Lindsay's site soon. This was such a fun event because I got to meet a few new bloggers. So many thanks again to Katie and Lindsay for all their time and effort to make us have a happy "Seasoned Eatings"!

Now for the fun part! As soon as I walked in the door I opened my "Seasoned Eatings" package. A big "Thank you" to Sher from What Did You Eat! Sher lives in Davis, California and I envy her as she lives so close to wine country! Her spice to me is Cinnamon and a perfect spice for the Holidays! Sher also sent me a beautiful card with her recipe included, a nice note introducing herself and two locally made items. She sent a package of "Naughty Biscotti" from a company located in Santa Clara and a jar of "Spun Honey With Cinnamon" from a local bee keeper in Woodland, Ca. I am going to save this yummy looking jar of honey for Christmas morning! Thank you so much Sher for this terrific package! I am thrilled with these goodies and look forward to making the cookie recipe that you sent me. I will be posting the results of it soon and it will be included in Katie and Lindsay's roundup.

It is great to be back home again and now I must go and visit all of my blogging friends and catch up from the week I was up north. More on that trip tomorrow!



Bellini Valli said...

So wonderful to have you back Deb... even though you were having a great visit with family and friends and doing some power shopping!! I have yet to have my package arrive. I am so sad that it may not arrive by the 21st :(

Shaun said...

Deb ~ I missed you, too! Glad to have you back. I'm also back in the kitchen, and I hope to have my first post-thesis blog up very soon. I hope you enjoyed the snow and got some shopping done. In Auckland it has been especially humid, what with the warm temperatures and continued rainfall (a bit like Florida, I should imagine).

What a wonderful idea to send spices for the holiday season. I don't think we grow any of our own here, really, but since we are of the Commonwealth, we would probably use pudding spice (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and cloves) over the holiday season. I actually prefer cinnamon in savoury dishes - the Middle East and Mexican food are great references for this.

Happy holidays!

Lucy said...

Darls, I've missed you so very much.

Happy holidays - indeed, happy New Year too. I'm off until the 6th of Jan.

Can't wait to hear about your break and about what your holidays hold. 'See' you soon.

Shayne said...

I am not commenting about this post, that I will do later. I am making your Zesty chili right now and you are posting comments on my blog and I thought that was too funny.

being away for the first half of the month makes the holiday stuff very busy and I am still wondering why you didn't bring a tree from your trip...must have taken a plain not a car or did not go to ohio.

Talk with you soon!


Lannae said...

How fun! How fun! It is so fun to see your spice gift! It is almost as fun seeing your gift as it was opening mine!

BTW, I am in love with the easy ziplock bag recipe, I already made Jerked Chicken again! You have saved my eating life with your spice gift because the holidays have been so busy for me, and the only time for me to cook protein was making Jerked Chicken!

So, you got a lot of snow in Ohio huh? What was that like now that you are living the sunshine state? Do you miss the snow? Or is it just nice to visit?

Anonymous said...

You were missed. Welcome back :)

winedeb said...

Hi Valli, I left you a note on your site about your package, just a thought. It is nice to be back!

Hey Shaun, your survived the thesis! Hope all went well with it. Sounds like your weather is just like ours right about now. We have gotten more rainfall than usual, but it is pretty nice outside right now. I love the sun! Cinnamon is a great all around spice. I use it for sweet and savory dishes like you mentioned. Looking forward to new posts and Happy Holidays to you too!

Hey Lucy! Glad to be back. Have a great holiday and will catch up with you "next year"!

Hey Shayne! I flew up and back to Ohio this time so I had to get my tree here in Key West. But Home Depot had some nice ones! How was the chili ????

Hi Lannae! I am so thrilled you are using the spice in the zip lock bag - great idea isn't it! I must say since I have moved to Key West, yes I do miss the snow, but not all that much. I am lucky to be able to head to Ohio when I need a season fix, which I usually do once or twice a year. But the weather down here this time of year is awesome!

Hey Maryann! Good to be back home and visiting all of you again!

Holler said...

What a lovely package to come home too! I look forward to seeing what you do with the cinnamon!

By the way your tree looks pretty.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Love Holler

Anonymous said...

Deb is great you come back again!!! nice and lovely pictures! we miss you! Gloria

winedeb said...

Hi Holler! Used the cinnamon in a cookie recipe that Sher sent me in the exchange - check them out tomorrow!

Hey Gloria, it is so good to be back home and visiting my blogging friends again!

sher said...

Your pictures of the goodies are so beautiful. I'm glad you can read the recipe, I thought it would make an old fashioned touch to write it out--but my penmanship isn't very good! :):) I hope you enjoy the honey. And welcome back!

winedeb said...

Thanks Sher! Isn't it fun to see the things that you packaged up and sent across country on a photo! Yes, I can read your writing! Yours is much better than mine! Thanks again for the goodies and look for the cookies on my post tomorrow!

Gloria said...

Debs I have to let my comments with anonymus, but now is Ok, Ihope. This is taste! xxx Gloria