Thursday, November 15, 2007

Visiting A Favorite Wine And Visiting Me!

I visit this wine from time to time
As it totally is a favorite of mine
So pour a glass and let it shine
Monkey Bay is so fine!

How do you guys like that! Well, you will like this wine I am sure. Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, is such a treat for under $10.00. As you all know, I really enjoy the Sauvignon Blancs from Australia and New Zealand. They spotlight great, concentrated tropical fruit with a hint of grassiness that I find irresistible. So refreshing and have just the right acidity to balance out all those tropical fruit flavors on your palate. I enjoyed this bottle last evening as the beginning of the end of my day. It went perfect with a fresh piece of fish on the grill basted with butter and lemon. I was on a green kick last night craving crispy green veggies, so I served the fish with grilled asparagus and steamed broccoli. The grassiness of the wine complimented all of the goodies for dinner! Cheers!

Katie from Thyme For Cooking, The Blog, tagged me the other day for a Meme! If you have not visited Katie's site yet, I highly recommend that you do. Her weekly menu's and delicious dishes she posts about will send you to your kitchen immediately! She also entertains us with her wonderful writings about life in France and the antics of her two beautiful dogs. Here ya go Katie!

Four places I have lived: my life started in Kentucky, then to Ohio, then to Tennessee, back to Ohio and now in Florida.

Four Jobs I have had: When I decided to start working in the real world, I planned my jobs as to what benefits I could get out of them. First job was in the accounting department of a Brewery - great benefits! Second job was at an Automotive Parts Distributor. Mike was in heaven because I could get parts for his Corvette! Third Job was for Levi Strauss - need I say more. Last major job was at a Material Handling Distributor. Again Mike was in heaven because we were able to outfit his garage with shelving, etc. for all of his toys, his tools!

Four Favorite Places I have been on Holiday: These 2 places tie for the best holidays I have ever had - France and Australia! Next would be San Francisco and the place I call home, Key West, Florida.

Four Favorite Foods: Wine, Artisan Breads, Olive Oils, and Green Peas.

Four Places I'd rather be: I enjoy my home here, but would love to spend more time in France, Australia, Italy, Canada and the UK. Oops, that is 5, oh well. I think it would be so cool to stay in each spot for 6 months or more to learn all about their history and seek out the best foods,wines and visit with my blogger friends in these areas.

Four Fantastic Bloggers To Tag: Only if you guys have the time, as I know your schedules are pretty full. Nora B., Lucy, Valli and Wendy.

Thank you Katie for the tag. It is fun to learn more about all of our blogging friends!

Cheers to all!


Kelly Mahoney said...

Mmmm, wine. I could go for some right now ... I had a wonderful German spiced white wine recently that I need to go and get another bottle of.

Valli said...

Thanks very much for thinking of me Deb. I have seen this MEME before. As luck should have it Marie from Proud Italian Cook tagged me as well so I will be able to credit both of you!!!Here's a toast to you now!! Yammas!

winedeb said...

Hi Kelly! What was the name of the wine that you liked? I may have to pick up a bottle!

Thanks Val!!!!

katiez said...

Great stuff, Deb!
Does hubby still do corvettes? My sis and b-i-l are in a club...
Thanks for the sweet words:-))

Nora B. said...

I'll have to see if I can find this wine. Thanks for tagging me. I've actually done this Meme:

Have a good weekend ahead!

p/s: Hunter report: as you know the hunter is known for their sémillon, but I am not such a big fan, so i only got one bottle of it. But I'm well stocked with hunter shiraz, including some very good sparkling reds as well as dessert wines.

Lucy said...

I do love learning these little tidbits about each other! Deb, you've had some interesting jobs - andyou're right on the money about France (and, biased as I am, Australia).

I'll get onto in (almost) right away. I'm up for a bit of procastination today;)

Bellini Valli said...

I completed my MEME Deb! Once again thanks ever so much for thinkinbg about me!!!

winedeb said...

Hey Katie, no more corvetts for now. Sold it many years ago. It was a 67 convertable with a 427. that baby could fly!

Oh Nora, Hunter shiraz, so great! I am not a big semillon person either, but I never would turn down a glass. Sounds like it was a successful trip! I will go back and check out your Meme. Thanks!

Hi Lucy, looking forward to your Meme!

Hey Val, I am going to check you out right now!

Betty C. said...

I'm not sure if I've ever heard of anyone citing green peas as a favorite food. But more power to you!

I'm a frequent reader of Katie's blog, but just stumbled upon yours. I like the focus on wine!

winedeb said...

Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by! I know it sounds weird, but I just love peas! They are so green tasting.

Aimée said...

My sister the animal lover has a theory about buying wine. Since she knows next to nothing about it, she says that if it has an animal on the label, it's good to go! So far it's worked out. I shall tell her about this one.

Anonymous said...

A '67 vette? Nice!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Deb, I tagged you over at my blog, I hope you don't mind!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I like Monkey Bay! YUM!

winedeb said...

Hi Aimee, I am a sucker for labels also. Some very good wines behind those fun lables!

Hey Mary Ann, you don't know how much we wish we still had it!

Hey Kelly, I'll be over to check it out!

Hey Jenn, Me Too!!!

Jann said...

This is a wonderful wine.......I am very partial to New Zealand wines as some of my best times with wine have been in N.Z. We tend to forget how many come from the part of the world and what excellent wines they produce. I read how much you enjoy olive oils and breads... these are some of my fsvorties ,too. If you get back to N. Z. I will give you some info on where to get some fantastic oils from a friend of mine-maybe you saw my blog on the N. Z. olives??I also recommend this book: The Passionate Olive, Carol Firenze-it is so informative and you will be thrilled to see WHAT and WHERE to use the oils!Loved reading all about you today! Take care!!

winedeb said...

Thanks Jann, good to hear from you and thank you for the book suggestion. You bet I will look you up if I get to NZ!