Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rose' Wine For That Summer But Fall Evening

Everyone is talking about the Fall Season and the weather getting cooler. In everyone's kitchens are baskets of apples, squashes, pumpkins and the last go round of summer's bounty of veggies. Here in Key West, temperature wise, it is still summer. Our sunny days are bringing us to the low to mid 80 degree range and the night time temps are "dipping down" to about 79 degrees. I still am clad in my shorts and flip flops and the only sign of Fall here are the pumpkins in the grocery store and the Christmas decorations going up in a few of the stores. Oh yes, they do have a few Thanksgiving items for sale like napkins with a pattern of Fall colored leaves and salt and pepper shakers that look like little Pilgrims. Anyhow, since it is still summer for me, I decided to pull out one of my favorite Rose' wines to sip out on the deck last evening.

I popped open a chilled bottle of Chivite's 2005 Gran Feudo Rosado Wine. This is a Spanish Rose' wine made from 100% Garnacha Grapes from the Navarra Region of Spain which borders the Atlantic side of France. I found the bright color, I would say strawberry pink with a hint of violet, to be so eye pleasing! And speaking of strawberry, I found a touch of flavor of that great little berry on my palate. I found this wine to be clean and fresh with a nice balance of low acidity and fruit. Very soft and long on the finish this wine is a perfect pre-dinner treat!

Even though your outdoor temperatures are becoming quite chilly, do not shy away from a fresh and perky wine! It can be the perfect start to the end of your day!



Lucy said...

Sounds luscious Deb.

Tell me, when does it cool down for you in Florida? Or do you have that gorgeous weather all year 'round?

Nora B. said...

Sounds like a refreshing wine. Rosé is growing on me. I can see myself enjoying more of it this summer. The only problem is that I find them too easy to my partner keeps reminding me that I am a cheap drunk (it doesn't take much to get me goofy!).

Anonymous said...

You're right. It is very pretty :)

katiez said...

After living in Andorra for 7 years I am convinced that Spain makes the best Rose/Rosado's. I love the one from the Somotano region - plus it's a gorgeous place to visit and we could do it in a day ;-)
I still have a few in my cellar right now!

Gloria said...

This wine looks, wonderful, I like the roses wines too!!And I like so for the summer. Beauty pot Deb- xxGloria

Shayne said...

a low of 79 sounds so nice...we had frost and 33 last night...bummer

Holler said...

I will take your advice and not abandon Rose yet, as I was willing to do! This one sounds very tasty!

I am so jealous of your summer!

Figs Olives Wine said...

Fabulous color ideed! When I do Spanish rosé I always seem to wind up with the Muga, which I adore. But this looks like a great way to get out of the rut!

Gloria said...

Debs I was thinking that the next bottle of wine I buy will be Rose!!!! I always drink saugvignon blanc or chardonnay. But I love Rose too! Gloria

Valli said...

Now that Hallowe'en is over my thoughts turn to Christmas. This wine would be a lovely start to my evening after a day of shopping or baking!!!!!

winedeb said...

Hi Lucy, it is a nice wine. We did get cooler in the past couple of days - lows in the low 70's and high of 80. What is best is the low humidity! We pretty much have nice weather all year around!

Hey Nora, you will get hooked on it for summer!

Hi Mary Ann, it is lovely!

Hey Katie, I am jealous of you being able to do the Somotano region in a day!!!! You live in a great area!

Hi Gloria, yes it is summer your way so enjoy those light wines!

Hey Shayne, I saw where you guys were going to "cool off" up north!

Holler, do not abandon the Rose' yet! Although you may want to wait for Spring again. I like mine during the hot months.

Hey Amanda, I get in those ruts also with something I really enjoy. I make myself try something new every once in awhile.

Valli, perfect time for a glass of Rose'!