Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Is In The Air And Gardens

Spring has been in full force in Key West for the past few weeks! I have been spending my entire time outdoors lately and not in the kitchen. I apologize that I do not have any new recipes to share with you and the wine I have been consuming is good ol’ favorites. But what I would like to share with you is an update on my garden!

Anyone for a bowl of salad? Mesclun to be exact!

How about some lovely mint for the lamb you might be serving for Easter or better yet a mint julep to quench your thirst! Actually I use most of mine in ice tea:) And I also see a spring of basil at the top of the photo. Everyone wants in the picture, even Mr. Frog!

Another bumper crop of cayenne peppers!

And hopefully by the looks of all the blossoms on the tomato plants, we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes in the near future!

And blooms that will get your attention in my side yard garden, the bromeliads are lovely!

And the antherium was begging for its photo to be taken!

And not only have I been spending time in my garden, I have been spending time at the Key West Garden Club, of which I am a member. It is busy at the club this time of year because the “season” is coming to an end and the year end plant sale will be taking place soon. Many of the garden club members are “snow birds” and will be heading back north very soon. And, with the heat of summer approaching, the club sells all the plants that they have started this year as there will not be as many folks here to take care of them in the propagation area. Also the garden club is hosting a “A Toast to Spring” on Thursday night to raise money for much of the foliage that will be planted at the new homes being constructed near hear by Habitat For Humanity. The Key West Garden Club has an excellent web site here if you would like to check it out. And if you are in the area on Thursday evening, come by the garden club and say “Hi” as I will be bartending at the fund raiser! (Imagine that!)

If I do not make it back to the blog world before Easter, I want to wish everyone a very “Happy Easter”!

So with dirt on my hands and a smile on my face, I wish all of you a very “Happy Spring”!



TopVeg said...

Hi Debs

Your plants look so healthy. How wonderful to have that sun already!

Happy Gardening to you!


Shayne said...

everything looks so beautiful and it not just the shock of seeing something green. in one more month things will be greening in Michigan and I will be digging in the dirt too.

Have fun Thursday and I will take a margarita on the rocks with no salt.

noble pig said...

I really need to grow my own mint; it's so wonderful and so are all the photos. It's wonderful you can grow such beautiful flowers there!

sher said...

Happy Easter to you! I think you live in a veritable Eden! Amazing pictures.

Bellini Valli said...

Have a wonderful Easter Deb, gardening and fundraising and whatever else gives you joy...cooking of course:D

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Looks like the garden has gotten off to a great start! I had to start over recently, so I'm hoping mine catches up to yours...things here are looking very so-so...I'm holding out for the blueberry and strawberry to take off ;-)

winedeb said...

Thanks Top Veg! It is getting very warm down here!

Hey Shayne, yep it will not be long before your hands are dirty also from planting your spring garden.

Hi Cathy, mint is great and it grows just about anywhere! We do have great flowers here.

Hi Sher, never thought of it that way, but your are right!

Hey Valli, thank you and I will be back at the stove soon, cannot stay away too long!

Hi Mike, you are growing strawberries? Thought from the past two weeks strawberries would be out of your system!

Lucy said...

Happy Easter, Deb.

And I'll raise a glass of the lovely Vasse Felix (big Aust red) we'll be opening tonight to see us through the weekend.

Hope the Easter Bunny treats you well!

Wendy said...

Lovely lovely pictures, Deb! My favourite is the chilis. Beautiful red!

Holler said...

Your garden is looking really good, Deb!
I am not even going to let you see how mine is looking just now! It is drenched and soggy, although the daffodils are coming out, so spring must be on it's way!

Johanna said...

what a wonderfully green and flourishing garden - must be a great joy to you! have a happy easter!

jen said...

Your garden looks just wonderful, Deb. We're still debating whether or not it's time to start cutting the grass again!

Have a very happy Easter :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you have the most beautiful garden, Deb!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Happy Spring to you Deb! Look at all your beautiful plants! I'm so jealous, would you believe we got snow today in Chicago? it's snowing as I write this. Seeing your photo's give me hope! :-)

Gloria said...

Debs really, really lovely pictures and so nice your cayenne pepers (we say ají) I love them!

Aimée said...

Beautiful garden, Deb! Spring seems a loooong way off here.
Happy Easter to you too

Lannae said...

Your garden is just so beautiful! I really do love you bowl of salad greens!

winedeb said...

Hi Lucy, Easter was very nice! Hope yours was!

Wendy, those chili peppers are so colorful. Really add a little spice to the garden!

It won't be long Holler and you will be showing us photos of your garden!

Thank you Johanna and hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Hey Jen, yum, I love the smell of newly cut grass, it's time!

Thank you Melissa!

Hopefully Maria you will be getting some Spring to your area soon! I keep seeing where you guys are getting snow!

Hi Gloria, thanks for the translation! I love to learn new things!

Hi Aimee, Spring will be there before you know it and you will be showing us photos of you and the boys outdoors!

Hi Lannae! Hope you had a great vacation and Easter!