Monday, March 3, 2008

Porcupine Wine Is Fine!

Wildlife abounds here in Key West this time of year, not only with the critters that live and visit my yard, but also in the wines I drink! My latest find is Porcupine Ridge 2007 Sauvignon Blanc. Of course I could not resist the interesting label, but what caught my attention is that it is a wine from South Africa. I am starting to see a few more wines on the shelf from this interesting part of our world and am anxious to give them a go.
Porcupine Ridge is from the wine farm Boekenhoutskloff which is located in the Franschhoek Valley, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Wow, that was a mouthful and this great Sauvignon Blanc from the Cape is a pleasant mouthful profiling tropical fruit flavors and citrus. A bit of Semillon was added to this wine which really firms it up. A well balanced acidity gives this wine a zippy, fresh crispness which makes you hand out your glass for another pour. What also impressed me, besides the wonderful flavor of this wine, is that this winery is also into conserving the land they are farming for their vines and the wildlife that resides there.

They are even sponsoring a PHD student who is researching the feeding behavior and movements of the crested porcupine for which they named this wine. For more on their conservation acts, please visit their website here. It actually is one of the nicer wine websites I have seen in awhile.

While sitting in the garden enjoying a glass of Porcupine Ridge, I had a visitor who seemed seriuosly interested in what I was drinking!

Cheers to a new friend! A wonderful way to start the end of the day!


Anonymous said...

You always seem to find the coolest wines! Happy Monday to you as well, Deb :)

noble pig said...

I've seen this wine before and wasn't sure if I should try it. Thanks for sharing.

Johanna said...

maybe the lizard was just interested in making friends with the porcupine!

katiez said...

I couldn't have resisted the label either.
I was walking through my kitchen the other day - thankfully, with shoes on, and I felt a squish/snap under one foot. Yep, a lizard had decided to sun himself on the kitchen tiles. He was now a dead lizard. Oh well, we have too many anyway....

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Sounds like a good wine. I've got more than enough lizards here, too...whenever my dogs are cooperating and not causing trouble, it probably means they've found a lizard in the house which requires careful coordination.

Bellini Valli said...

Love the whimsical label on this wine from South Africa. Sometimes just the marketing gets you to try something new. Love the photo of the little he a gekko? We have a winery called Naked Grape...who wouldn't buy their wine with a name like that:D

Loulou said...

I love that label! I would have bought the wine just for that, too.

Lizards are the best! I love seeing them on my walks in the vineyards.

Nora B. said...

Hi Deb,
The wine label is eye-catching. See, my partner buys wines just based on wine labels and how much dust has settle on it. Very scientific ;-)

I've not had any wines from SA before, I would be interested to compare that with NZ and AUS sauvblancs.

We are moving towards Autumn here, although it's been quite warm this week, so my thirst has still been for whites, especially straight semillon or pinot gris. It's strange how my preference changes from year to year, I never noticed it before.

have a great week ahead, Deb. I like your new friend. :-)

Gloria said...

What's nice label Debs, I like so!!
And if the wine is good better!!!xxxGloria

winedeb said...

Thanks Maryann, just seem to show up on the shelves!

Hey noble pig, give it a try, very good!

You are probably right Johanna!

Hey Katie, I know the feeling. Sometimes when I vaccum I hear a little thud and oops...

Hi Mike, the guy who lives behind us has a dog that chases them also! Too funny!

Naked Grape, wow I would have to have a bottle of that! Have you tried it Valli?

Hey LouLou, a walk in a vineyard would be wonderful!

Hi Nora! Autumn already! Glad to hear that it is still warm though so you can enjoy those wonderful white wines down your way!

Hi Gloria, wish you could try this one!