Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tis' The Season - Soon!

OK, maybe I am rushing the season a bit, but so are the stores. Could not resist this peal and stick on your window snowman at Home Depot the other day. They were getting ready for Christmas so I thought I might as well also!

Speaking of seasons...winter is not far off and that is tomato season here in Key West. This beauty is "off and running"! I usually do not put in my tomatoes until November, but maybe this year I will get a head start on my crop.

Hope all is well with everyone!



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Winter is probably the time when you get plenty of visitors and snowbirds heading to warmer climates. FYI I was reading where a barrel of Note Bene wine from Black Hills Winery further south from here was sold for $19,000. I have been trying to get even a bottle so this will probably drive the price up from its already $30 price tag..if you can find it at all. A barrel is 300 bottles.,,,so it sold for $63 p/bottle...craziness.

Unknown said...

That little snowman is so cute! I am guessing that is the closest to snow K.W. gets all year. And, I am a little jealous of your upcoming tomatoes, and the tomato season here is winding down now, and the few that are left are expensive. I did not freeze enough stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce for winter. :( I feel like that bad squirrel who didn't store enough nuts for the winter.

Shayne said...

it just sounds so odd that you are planting tomatoes as I am pulling up mine and putting them in the compost.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

The stores here started displaying there Christmas stock at the beginning of September, which was a bit much, but I am sure we are all starting to think about it now. The snowman is cute :)

Anonymous said...

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Keurig Mini said...

How wonderful! A Blue Santa! My grand kids were delighted with the photo!


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